Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Step Backwards

Zurich Classic
Nick Watney Top 5 Finish 7/1: Watney had an awful time in New Orleans and never really looked like recapturing his form at one of his favourite courses. £1.00 loss

Harris English Top 5 Finish 14/1: Thought he had a chance of being the surprise contender for the title but he was unable to make the cut. Another poor golfing bet by myself, perhaps I should stop with the golfing bets. £1.50 loss

UEFA Europa League Semi Finals
Athletico Madrid to beat Valencia 11/4: Athletico Madrid travelled to Valencia and was able to surprise them in the Mestalla. Valencia were favourites to win on the night but Madrid had a lead and thus were able to pick their chances. £1.38 won

Athletic Bilbao and Sporting Lisbon to draw 3/1: This was a game which I felt could go either way, hence I went for the draw but Bilbao dominated at home and were able to win with enough goals to send them through to the final. 50p loss

Premier League Darts
Andy Hamilton to beat Raymond van Barneveld 7/4: I was particularly unlucky here, Hamilton was beating Barney quite comfortably but then the Hammer threw it all away and drew with the Dutch great. 20p loss

Simon Whitlock to beat Phil Taylor 7/2: The Aussie managed to build a lead early in the game but unfortunately he didn't win a leg afterwards allowing Taylor to win 8-3. 20p loss

Total Before: £11.83
Total After: £9.91


I didn't fair too well last time, so I will probably go for bets which I feel have a good chance to win rather than going for the long odd hopefuls.

QPR to take points of Chelsea (win or draw) was at 8/5 so I placed 50p on that.

Spurs have not been in the best of form and I put a bet on Blackburn to win or draw at White Hart Lane. 25p at 12/5

I have Joleon Lescott to score against Man Utd tomorrow at 12/1 as I think Utd might fail to deal with the aerial power of City from set pieces. This is where Vidic is missed the most.

Lille vs PSG is a tough match to call but I think PSG has more to play for and that might just see them through to win despite them being away from home. 25p at 5/2.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


A decided to go for a bit more variety in terms of the sports (ie. not just football) that I would be betting on today.

Zurich Classic of New Orleans (Golf)
There were quite a few golfers who I facied for a top 5 finish at this tournament but I went for Nick Watney and Harris English at 7/1 and 14/1 respectivly. I think English has a great chance in this tournament and Watney is due a great performance this year and has performed well at this tournament in the past.

UEFA Europa League Semi Finals
Both games are quite tough to call this year and the odds are not very good when choosing a team to qualify for the final, so I bet on who would win. I think Athletico Madrid could win at the Mestalla as Valencia will have to attack in order to overcome the big 4-2 deficit that they suffered when visiting the Calderon.Athetico to win was going at 11/4 which represents decent value.
The Athletic Bilbao vs Sporting Lisbon match was a lot harder to call. The tie is set up perfectally as Lisbon hold a goal advantage but Bilbao were able to grab an away goal. I think this may be a draw as Lisbon will probably allow Bilbao to hold possession but not to penetrate. The draw was going at 3/1.

Premier League Darts
Two matches intrigued me while I was looking at the darts schedule. Phil Taylor is facing Simon Whitlock whom he is always challenged by. Whitlock to win is priced at 7/2 so I put money on that as well as Andy Hamilton to overcome Barney who has not performed to his high standards so far at 7/4.

Round Up
Nick Watney Top 5 Finish - 7/1 - £1.00
Harris English Top 5 Finish - 14/1 - £1.50
Athletico Madrid to win against Valencia - 11/4 - 50p
Athletic Bilbao and Sporting Lisbon to draw - 3/1 - 50p
Andy Hamilton to win against Raymond van Barneveld - 7/4 - 20p
Simon Whitlock to win against Phil Taylor - 7/2 - 20p

I have put a lot more money on the line this week and I went for some upsets here to try and win a bit more money. Hopefully my gamble will pay off!

Money Collected!

My first bets of the blog have mostly been a success:

Chelsea to qualify 2/1: I managed to win money here, it was a close faught game but I felt confident after the Messi missed his penalty. The red card actually favoured Chelsea as it gave them an excuse to just sit in front of their box with all 9 outfielders. £1.00 won

Bolton to beat Villa 3/1: I was unsure about this game but I felt that Bolton were playing better than Aston Villa, whose record at home has been appalling recently. 50p won

Arjen Robben to score 10/3: I thought that this had a great chance of happening and luckily the Germans decided that Robben should take their penalty in normal time meaning I won here too!  43p won

Bayern Munich to qualify via the away goals rule 16/1: I thought this represented good value and in truth could quite easily have happened. In the end Bayern went through by a penalty shootout but I thought for a second that maybe, just maybe this would happen. 10p loss

Total Before: £10.00
Total After: £11.83

Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Bets placed today were on the two Champions' League semi finals and the premier league game between Bolton and Aston Villa.

Barcelona v Chelsea: I bet 50p on Chelsea to go through at 2/1. Fingers crossed but it will be a tight game.

Aston Villa v Bolton: Bolton to win was was going at 3/1, so as they have more to play for than Villa coupled with the fact that Villa have lost 11 of their last 12 games at home I placed a bet of 25p.

Real Madrid v Bayern Munich: I placed two bets on this game: Bayern Munich to go through on away goals was at 16/1 so I placed 15p on it and I placed 10p on Arjen Robben to score at 10/3.

I know these bets aren't breaking the bank but I thought I would dip a toe in the water before jumping in, plus these games are quite difficult to call so I went for bets which I thought represented good value for their odds rather than going for the obvious choices (such as Barça to win at home).


I will start with £10 and see how much money I can make by betting on sports!